Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I Believe

My college years were filled with many adventurous times that both challenged and built up my faith. By God’s grace, I was involved and served in a short-term missions trip, encouraged to share the Gospel to strangers and also close friends, and motivated to actually minor in Religious Studies. God has helped me through all those ups and downs, and still continues to be faithful to this day.

Growing up in a strong Christian family and receiving Jesus Christ as my Savior at an early age, going to college and connecting with a strong Christian church and small group was vital for me sustaining and remaining encouraged in the faith. During the course of my junior and senior years of college, I went through many health and emotional challenges. Even though I was physically active, practically walking everywhere I went on campus, I would experience extreme bouts of  physical pain and stomach aches that were completely debilitating. This went on for years with no explanation from my doctors. I went from specialist to specialist with no answer in sight. To be honest with you, I was really beginning to lose faith - not just that i would get better from my physical ailments, but that my hope that things would ever get better was diminishing.

Emotionally, I began to come under tremendous stress. Between college, my health and my relationship with God, it almost seemed as if I was being pulled in so many directions that I was beginning to fall apart, literally and figuratively. I knew that I couldn’t handle things on my own.

One day while with my cousin at a doctor’s appointment for these very issues, she gave me these strong words of advice and encouragement: “Nothing that you’re going through is by accident. You’re worked up over things that are out of your control - jobs, health, security - when God has everything under His control. Just let Him see you through these trials, but praise Him for everything.”

Although we may feel at times that God is far away from us, in that moment, He’s never been closer. Though hard-pressed on every side, shaken by what the world, our own flesh and our enemy Satan may throw our way, our hope and confidence rests not in what we have, but in whom we belong. We’ve been made alive in Christ, not by any works of our own, but through His lovingkindness, Jesus has saved us, making us complete in Him. Apart from Him we lack - physically and spiritually, but it is only through our confession and belief of what Jesus did on the cross are we made whole.

That’s why the Pure Flix movie “Do You Believe” has become so real to me. As with all of their movies, Pure Flix creates and shares movies that have wholesome and positive messages that can be easily related to situations that happen everyday. With the creation of movies such as “Do You Believe”, “God’s Not Dead” and “Woodlawn” - all of which are movies that I love - Pure Flix Entertainment provides encouragement for daily spiritual growth and provides opportunities to share the Gospel. Just as in the movie “Do You Believe”, we all have a choice to make each day, and in each moment on if we’ll submit and believe in God and his promises, or if we’ll lean on our own understanding and try to do things in our own power. Nothing that we do apart from God will last Just as I believed and continue to believe in God then and even now, I pray that you’ll seek and find comfort in knowing that God will never leave nor forsake you.

Trust and believe God and His promises.